Sustainability through the provision of products and services

Nagoya Electric Works Group is providing various values that lead to an affluent and sustainable society including safe and comfortable road transportation, and enhancing its corporate value through its business activities based on the management philosophy. We are solving the social challenges through our business activities as follows.

We are:

  • deterring and reducing traffic incidents and congestion in Japan and emerging countries
  • minimizing risks arising from natural disasters
  • improving outdoor working environment and eliminating labor shortage during road maintenance work, etc.

We established a project team consisting of our executives and selected employees in FY2021 to promote SDGs and to formulate priority challenges to be addressed through internal workshops. We reaffirmed that the most effective way to solve social challenges is to transform ourselves into a comprehensive equipment manufacturer and to become a leader of the industry to respond to the rapidly changing market environment and demands for further natural environment care including carbon neutrality. We have also come to the conclusion that the source to strengthen and ensure this is to provide new products and services in a wide range of fields.

The social challenges to be solved through our activities, our recognition of the current situation, and our major policies for solving these challenges at preset are as follows.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Solution

Social issue to be solved To Deter and reduce traffic incidents and congestion in Japan
Our recognition In Japan, the road network is highly developed. As a result, the construction of new roads is expected to decrease, and the demand for new VMS is also expected to decrease. On the other hand, with the development of automated driving technology and the commercialization of "flying cars" expected, there will be a need to establish information provision methods to deter and reduce traffic incidents and traffic congestion in response to such new transportation means.
Our major policy Transform ourselves into a comprehensive equipment manufacturer for road traffic safety to provide a safe, secure, comfortable, and clean mobility experience.
Social issue to be solved Deterring and reducing traffic accidents and congestion in emerging countries
Our recognition In emerging countries, the demand for automobiles is increasing along with rapid economic growth, while infrastructure development is not keeping pace. As a result, chronic traffic accidents and traffic congestion are occurring.
Our major policy Solve the social challenges in emerging countries to make a foundation for taking on the challenges of new markets.
Social issue to be solved To minimize risks arising from natural disasters
Our recognition Natural disasters such as unpredictable torrential rains are increasing in number and severity in Japan, and the risk to the lives and property of people is growing. Appropriate information provision system is required to provide evacuation guidance in the event of a natural disaster.
Our major policy Transform ourselves into a comprehensive equipment manufacturer that protects the safety of people's lives, and provide disaster prevention and mitigation solutions.

Road Safety Solution

Social issue to be solved To improve outdoor working environment and reduce labor shortages
Our recognition Road maintenance work including road construction and maintenance is performed under harsh natural conditions and heavy traffic, putting workers' lives at risk. In addition, there is a shortage of new workers.
Our major policy Transform ourselves into a comprehensive equipment manufacturer for road traffic safety, and provide labor-saving and safety solutions through various channels including rental.

Priority issues undertaken

Sustainability as the foundation of our business


We regard the realization of carbon neutrality as one of our priority management issues and are promoting carbon neutralization.

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In addition to ensuring respect for human rights in our business activities, we are committed to human resource development and the creation of a comfortable workplace, aiming to be a company where diverse human resources can play an active role.

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We believe that our most important task is to achieve sustainable development together with our various stakeholders. To achieve this goal, we are working to strengthen and enhance corporate governance and to build a foundation to support sound corporate activities through thorough compliance.

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Efforts to improve sustainability mindset

We have been implementing "Lets's Find Your SDGs" Activity to provide an opportunity to think about sustainability and the SDGs in a familiar way. This is our original initiative in which each employee declares one SDGs-related activity that he/she can take on an individual level, and self-evaluates after a certain period of time to see how well he/she has achieved the declared activity.

The first phase of the program is currently being implemented until the end of March 2024, after a trial period in the administrative division.