Since its foundation in 1946, Nagoya Electric Works has been quick to identify and provide solutions to the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the society as a result of Japan's economic growth and globalization.

We are currently providing systems that lead to disaster prevention and mitigation so that all people can use roads, rivers, and other social infrastructures safely, securely, and comfortably. We are also involved in social experiments in India to reduce CO2 emissions by easing traffic congestion through the provision of information on optimal routes, and reducing traffic accidents by improving traffic signal system.

Through our business activities based on our management philosophy, we will improve our corporate value by providing safe and comfortable road transportation and other values that will lead to the realization of an affluent and sustainable society, and by doing so, we will deliver even greater satisfaction and excitement to our stakeholders including the customers.

Takaaki Hattori
President, Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.