Your privacy is important to Nagoya Electric Works (hereinafter, “we”, “our” or “us”) and we are committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle personal data of users of our website.

By agreeing to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy when you first visit our website (, you are giving us permission to use cookies each time you visit our website.

Article 1: Definition.
The definitions of terms in this Privacy Policy are as follows

  • - Applicable Privacy Laws
    Applicable privacy laws and regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related national implementing legislation.
  • - This Privacy Policy
    The Privacy Policy you are reading.
  • - Personal Data
    Any information about an identified or identifiable natural person that is processed by us, as described in Article 3 of this Privacy Policy.
  • Processing
    A single or series of operations carried out on personal data or a set of personal data, whether by automatic means or not, including data collection, recording, editing, structuring, storage, correction/alteration, recovery, reference, use, disclosure by transfer, dissemination or other provision, alignment and combination, restriction, erasure and destruction.
  • Manager
    Any natural or legal person, governmental authority or agency, or other person who, alone or in conjunction with others, determines the purposes and means of processing personal data.
  • Our Website
  • We, Our Company, or Nagoya Electric Works
    Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.
    29-1, Shinoda, Mentoku, Ama-shi, Aichi 490-1294, Japan
  • Company Group
    Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd., and
    Informex Matsumoto Co., Ltd.
    5252-2, Hotaka, Azumino-shi, Nagano 399-8303, Japan

Article 2: Scope of Application of this Privacy Policy

  • 2.1 This Privacy Policy applies to the individual use of our website by users and to the processing of personal data through our website, to which the applicable privacy laws apply. The manager for such processing is Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.
  • 2.2 Our website may contain third party information (for example, hyperlinks, banners, etc.). We have no control over such third party information and we are not responsible for their compliance with applicable privacy laws. We urge you to carefully read the privacy policies of any third party websites you visit.

Article 3: Personal Data to Be Collected

  • We may collect the following personal data from users of our website.
    1. Name
    2. Company name and department
    3. Address or business address
    4. Phone number
    5. Email address
    6. IP address
    7. Employment information, resume (if you are applying for employment)
    8. Other personal information sent to us by users of our website
  • We do not collect sensitive personal data such as passport information or health data through our website.
  • We collect personal data when users of our website take the following actions:
    1. When making an inquiry about our products or services through our website
    2. When applying for employment through our website
    3. When using our website for other purposes

Article 4: Purpose of Use of Collected Personal Data

  • We collect and process personal data only for the purposes described below.
    1. To enhance the content and improve the convenience of our products and services
    2. To ship and provide products and services requested by users of our website.
    3. To send notices, PR, and introduction of our products and services, etc.
    4. To respond to inquiries received from users of our website.
    5. To conduct operations associated with tasks related to recruitment (limited to the personal data collected in connection with recruitment).
    6. To conduct other operations associated with the aforementioned operations.
  • If we intend to process personal data for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected, we will provide you with information about such purpose and all relevant additional information before we process it.
  • We may jointly use the personal data described below, some or all of the contents of messages that may contain such data, and the date and time of such messages within the Company Group within the scope of the purposes of use described below. We are the Manager of the personal data to be jointly used.
    Personal data that may be jointly used:

    1. Name
    2. Company name and department
    3. Address or business address
    4. Phone number
    5. E-mail address

    Purposes of joint use:
    To send notices, PR, and introduction of our products and services, etc.

Article 5: Security

  • 5.1 Our entire website, including the inquiry forms, uses encryption technology (SSL) to protect against unauthorized access by third parties during transmission and to ensure security to a reasonable extent. However, you acknowledge that the transmission of information over the internet is inherently insecure and that the security of data transmitted over the internet cannot be guaranteed.
  • 5.2 We grant limited access to personal data to employees of the Company Group who need access to such data. They are obliged to maintain confidentiality in accordance with their employment contract. Personal data collected by us through our website will be used only for the purposes set forth in Article 4 of this Privacy Policy and will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the user of our website, unless requested to do so on legal grounds.
  • 5.3 In the event of a personal data breach, we will notify the relevant supervisory authorities and data subjects as required by applicable privacy laws.
  • 5.4 We comply with the relevant laws and regulations, take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss, misappropriation, falsification, destruction, etc., and use the collected personal data under appropriate management.

Article 6: Storage Period

  • 6.1 We do not store the personal data of users of our website for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the data is used.

Article 7: Acquisition and Use of Non-personal Information

  • We may use Google Analytics, cookies, and other technologies to analyze the access logs of our website and obtain information on the behavioral history of users of our website. Such behavioral history information does not include information that can identify individual users of our website.

    Please refer to the Google Analytics website and Google's privacy policy regarding the handling of information collected by Google Analytics, and use the "Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on" provided by Google if you wish to avoid the collection of such access logs.

    The acquisition of information through the use of cookies can be avoided by changing the settings of your browser. Please refer to your browser's "help menu" or other information on how to make these settings, as they vary depending on the browser you are using.

Article 8: Rights of Users of Our Website

  • Users of our website have the right to withdraw their consent in relation to their personal data at any time if the processing of personal data is based on consent.
  • Users of our website have the right to request access to their personal data. This will allow you to receive a copy of the personal data about you held by us.
  • Users of our website have the right to request the correction of their personal data held by us. This will allow you to correct any incomplete or inaccurate data held by us.
  • Users of our website have the right to request that their personal data be deleted. This will allow you to delete any personal data that we continue to process without a legitimate reason.
  • Users of our website have the right to object to the processing of their personal data by us for legitimate interests. If we are processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes, we will always accept your objection. If we are processing your personal data for any other purpose, we will accept your objection except;
    1. when the interests, rights, and freedoms of the users of our website take precedence, or,
    2. when there are compelling legitimate reasons related to the initiation or implementation of legal action or to prove a claim.
  • Users of our website have the right to request the restriction of the processing of their personal data.
  • Users of our website have the right to request the transfer of their personal data to themselves or to a third party. We will provide you or third parties designated by you with your personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format.
  • There will be no cost to you for exercising these rights. We will provide you with information on the status of our response to your claim immediately and in any event within one month of receipt of your claim. Depending on the complexity and number of claims, this period may be extended by an additional two months. In the event of an extension, we will notify you within one month of receipt of your request.
  • If a user's claim is clearly unfounded or excessive, especially if the user has repeatedly made such a claim, we will charge the user a reasonable fee or refuse to respond to the user's claim.
  • In addition to the above rights, you have the right to lodge a complaint at any time with a supervisory authority, in particular the supervisory authority of the EU member state where you live or work or where the GDPR violation is alleged to have occurred. However, we ask that you contact us in advance so that we have an opportunity to respond to your complaint before you contact the supervisory authority.

Article 9: Contact

If you have any questions or complaints, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights described in Section 8 of this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following address

Nagoya Electric Works Co. Ltd. - Public Relations, Corporate Development Office
Address: 29-1, Shinoda, Mentoku, Ama-shi, Aichi 490-1294, Japan
Phone: +81-52-443-1111
Facsimile: +81-52-443-2288

Article 10: General Clause

  • We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. It is the responsibility of the user of our website to review the applicable terms periodically. This Privacy Policy was last revised in April, 2022.
  • If any provision of this Privacy Policy conflicts with any law or regulation, then, to the extent permitted by law, such provision will be replaced by a provision to the same effect that reflects the intent of the law or regulation. In such cases, the other provisions will continue to apply without modification.