Our Initiatives for Corporate Ethics

Nagoya Electric Works has been responding to customer needs under the slogan “Manufacture products that contribute to society” with our management philosophy "To Be Fair and Square". We believe that it is important for a company to respect human rights, to comply with relevant laws and regulations, international rules and their spirit, and for each and every employee to act with his/her own initiative and social common sense toward the creation of a sustainable society.

Nagoya Electric Works recognizes that compliance with laws and regulations is an important issue in corporate management. Therefore, we have established the "Compliance Action Guidelines" to ensure that everyone who involved including but not limited to our executives and employees puts our management philosophy into practice. In addition, we have established an internal system to ensure compliance with these guidelines, and have established the “Corporate Ethics Committee” and the “Corporate Ethics Helpline”.

Corporate Ethics Committee

The Corporate Ethics Committee is composed mainly of the general managers of each division, and is mainly responsible for formulating basic action guidelines for compliance with laws and regulations, providing guidance on action plans prepared by each division, and promoting the implementation of these plans.

Corporate Ethics Helpline

The main purpose of the Corporate Ethics Helpline is to prevent and quickly resolve violations of corporate ethics by providing a direct communication channel to the management level to convey suggestions regarding corporate ethics.

Compliance Action Guidelines (abstract)

1. Basics

“Comply with laws, company regulations, and other rules.”
“Act in accordance with the common sense of society.”

2. Compliance with corporate risks

(1) Relationship with society
Compliance with laws and regulations, appropriate disclosure of information, appropriate public relations activities, severance of relations with antisocial forces, environmental protection, appropriate use of information systems, protection of intellectual property rights, and compliance with laws related to imports and exports

(2) Relationships with customers, business partners, and competitors
Provide safe products, comply with antitrust laws, conduct appropriate transactions, prevent unfair competition, and ensure appropriate use of entertainment and gifts.

(3) Relationships with shareholders and investors
Disclosure of management information, prohibition of insider trading

(4) Relationships with government agencies and public officials
Proper implementation of permits, licenses and notifications, prohibition of entertainment and gifts related to public officials

(5) Relationships with employees
Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination, prevention of sexual harassment, protection of privacy, ensuring safety and hygiene in the workplace, compliance with labor-related laws, observance of work rules, implementation of proper accounting management and tax processing, appropriate use of company assets, and encouragement of confidentiality

Our Initiatives Concerning Competitive Funds

Nagoya Electric Works is promoting compliance management by addressing the further enhancement of the compliance system as one of the most important management issues.
Based on this principle, and in accordance with the "Guidelines for Responding to Misconduct in Research" decided by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan on August 26, 2014, we are taking appropriate measures for the proper operation and management of competitive funds to prevent misuse.

*All documents below are available in Japanese only.

Basic policy for fair research execution

Policy on the use of indirect expenses of competitive funds

Plan for the prevention of misuse of research funds

Rules for handling misconduct in research

Management and operation system to prevent misuse of research funds, etc.

Precautions for contracts

Consultation and reporting desk for fraud