Solution for Social Infrastructure

ITS Information Equipment Business

Main business

We offer a variety of products and systems including VMS for roads, rivers, and parking lots in stationary, mobile, and portable forms to enhance social infrastructure. To ensure that these products and systems can withstand years of use in harsh natural environments, we conduct thorough quality control based on highly reliable designs. We also provide long-term after-sales service to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of both road users and road construction/maintenance workers.

Business policy

As demand for new construction of expressways and other roads declines and shifts to demand for maintenance and renewal, we are expanding our business by transforming ourselves from a VMS manufacturer to a comprehensive equipment manufacturer that ensures road traffic safety. We are also expanding our product lineup to meet the needs of construction sites for large-scale infrastructure repairs. In addition, we are expanding our product lineup useful for disaster prevention and mitigation by utilizing IoT sensors.

Social Infrastructure