IC Handler


SAH-2200K is an IC test handler that has been raised by semiconductor manufacturers for many years and knows everything about semiconductors. The system has a reputation for low impact, low noise, and ease of use, as well as high positional accuracy cultivated through our image inspection system. The system offers reliable handling at the final inspection process in semiconductor manufacturing.


The SAH-2200K is a tray-to-tray type IC test handler that automatically transfers various types of ICs (QFN/LGA/CSP/QFP, etc.) stored in a supply tray, conducts electrical characteristics tests using a tester connected to the system, and classifies the ICs into good and bad trays based on the test results.

Despite its compact body, which is among the smallest in the industry, the robust design and image recognition technology enable high-precision handling. We meet the diverse needs of our customers, such as for small packaged products.

The SAH-2200K has thoroughly reduced the noise by enclosing the control box, making the drive unit lighter, adopting a low-power motor, effectively using slow leakage materials, and shielding the motor wiring. It is ideal for sorting high-frequency devices and analog linear ICs. In addition, the low-shock change kit reduces the shock load during pressurization and minimizes the load on devices.

The SAH-2200K contributes to yield improvement.

Thorough noise reduction design

Thorough noise reduction measures are taken from the housing and mechanism design stage, including the use of noise insulation materials and special crimped structures. This makes it possible to use the system in the selection process of devices that are particularly sensitive to electrical characteristics, such analog high-frequency devices.

Industry's smallest compact body

The compact body is easy to move with a footprint of 0.86m2 and a weight of 350kg. It contributes to improved productivity per unit area and flexibly responds to the installation environment limitation.

Detailed customization is available


Applicable device BGA, CSP, QFN, QFP, SOP, etc
Applicable package □2mm ~ 40mm *1
Applicable tray EIAJ、JEDEC (W135.8mm x D315.8mm), other trays (optional)
No. of classification 3 as standard (max. 15)
No. of max test units 2DUT
Index time 0.5 ~ 0.8 sec (Excluding convey time)
Throughput 2,100 units/hr (Excluding tray exchange time)
Product exchange Exchange time: 3min (including fixture & parameter exchange)
User inferface 12inch TFT color LCD touch panel
Utilities AC 100V, 15A, 50/60Hz
Max 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa, 20Nl/min. dry air
Usage environment Normal temperature, high temperature: ~ 125 degree C (optional) ※2
External dimensions W832mm x D1,038mm x H1,380mm
W832mm x D1,088mm x H1,380mm (optional)
Weight 350 ~ 360kg

*1 Contact us for □2mm or below.
*2 High temperature is only available for 1 DUT. Not available if "recognition" is selected.