Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.'s proposal for the “Business Model Formation Survey Project on Road Safety Products" in India has been adopted as one of the initiatives under the Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) "SDGs Business Supporting Survey" Program.

We propose road safety products including portable traffic signals, portable variable message signs, and on-vehicle variable message signs from our group’s product line. The road safety products have been widely adopted by road authorities in Japan, contributing to the reduction of traffic accident risks during road construction and maintenance activities. From this successful experience, we aim to address the social problems related to traffic accidents in India*. We will create an appropriate business model for India by leveraging the JICA's support program.

* India faces significant social problems with approximately 460,000 traffic accidents and around 160,000 traffic accident fatalities annually, with about 4,000 fatalities occurring during road construction (Source: ROAD ACCIDENTS IN INDIA 2022 (Ministry of Transport and Highways, India).

Road Safety Products (Example)

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About JICA’s SDGs Business Supporting Survey Program
The program aims to support the business development of Japanese private enterprises contributing to addressing challenges in developing countries. The program is structured around “SDGs Needs Confirmation Survey”, “SDGs Business Validation Survey”, and “SDGs Business Verification Survey”. We will utilize the “SDGs Business Validation Survey” which is designed to initiate businesses that can contribute to solving challenges in developing countries. It involves confirming the acceptability of products/services by customers, establishing a system for providing products/services, ensuring solving problems, and enhancing sustainability of business.

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