Message from President

Management Philosophy

In order to achieve societal affluence, including safe, pleasant road transportation, Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd. provides new value by constantly searching for new ways of doing things.

In pursuit of fair profits, we conduct open and aboveboard business in order to stabilize and improve the state of employment for members and their families, to stabilize and improve their families’ lifestyles, to create new demand in new fields and to give back to society.

Our Action Agenda

Make good products
Work safely
Be polite and courteous
See things from the customer’s point of view
Think in new ways
Engage in life-long learning

Change from a manufacturer of traffic information systems into a comprehensive manufacturer of traffic safety equipment.

Change from a manufacturer of inspection equipment into a manufacturer of equipment that improves processes and quality.

We aim to be a company capable of contributing to society with new products that anticipate needs by challenging ourselves in the domestic and overseas markets.

President Takaaki HATTORI