Hardware Features

Fast and accurate object form reproduction

NVI-G350 equipped with a 4-way phase-shift 3D illumination system capable of measuring a range of -5 to +20mm in the height direction with a resolution of 1um (variation of 3σ +/-15µm*). This allows the system to captures minute changes in height direction.
The system is equipped with epi-illumination (Top R illumination) and large aperture 300mm circular illumination (Bottom RGB illumination) as 2D illumination system to capture minute luminance changes. The performance of character inspection, etc. has been dramatically improved.
*On our evaluation board

Efficient acquisition of 3D and 2D images over a wide area

The vertical camera is equipped with a 125mm diameter telecentric lens with anti-seismic measures. It has the industry's largest field of view of 67.5 mm x 67.5 mm, enabling efficient imaging of a wide area.
The 4-way oblique camera unit* enables reliable imaging and inspection of areas that cannot be imaged vertically.
*Factory option

Automatic backup mechanism* compensates for board warpage

The system is equipped with backup pins that push up both ends of the board in the width direction from below, enabling inspection of even large boards with minimal effect of warpage. The push-up positions can be registered for each inspection program, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
*Factory option