Social Contribution Activities

NAGOYA ELECTRIC WORKS CO., LTD. engages in social contribution activities in order to fulfill our responsibilities as a constituent member of society.

We accepted local junior high school students for work experience program

In late October 2017, we invited local junior high school students to our head office (Miwa Plant) for work experience program. This was an opportunity for them to learn about what kind of products we manufacture. First, the students toured the plant. The students got a close look at the Variable Message Signs (VMS) and seemed to realize how big they were. After that, they experienced drafting using CAD software.

The next day, the students experienced the process of heating and joining metals and soldering. They commented that they enjoyed the valuable experience of making circuits and lighting bulbs.

On the last day, the students tested the display lighting of a VMS. They entered and displayed contents something not seen in the city.

The students also created their own original plate by processing sheet metal based on the CAD data they had created on the first day. The students seemed to be having a lot of fun as they drew their own designs and saw them come to life.

We are doing what we can to help junior high school students learn about the field of manufacturing so that they can think about their career paths.