Ethics and Compliance

We, Nagoya Electric Works, have been responding to customers’ needs under the slogan of “create products that contribute to society,” with a corporate management philosophy of “open and aboveboard.”

We believe that a corporation must respect human rights and comply with relevant laws and international rules, as well as with the spirit of said laws and rules. At the same time, it is important for each employee to take voluntary actions to create a sustainable society in accordance with societal common sense. Nagoya Electric Works recognizes that compliance with relevant laws is an important task in our business management. Therefore, we have established “Compliance Guidelines” so that executives, all the employees and all other relevant parties can realize our corporate management philosophy. In-house systems have been organized to ensure that these guidelines are followed, and we have also established a Corporate Ethics Committee, Corporate Ethics Promotion Division and Corporate Ethics Helpline.

Corporate Ethics Committee

The Corporate Ethics Committee, consisting mainly of top management, focuses on providing guidance in relation to drafts of basic conduct guidelines as well as action plans drafted by each division, and on promoting plan implementation.

Corporate Ethics Helpline

We created this Helpline to enable direct conveyance to management of any pertinent issues regarding corporate ethics in order to prevent actions that might violate our corporate ethics and to quickly resolve any related problems that arise.

Compliance Guidelines (Excerpt)

1. Basic Points

“Obey laws and company regulations”
“Behave in a manner that is consistent with societal common sense”

2. Compliance to Avoid Corporate Risks

(1) Relationship with Society

Compliance, suitable information disclosure, appropriate PR activities, severance of relationships with antisocial influences, protection of the environment, appropriate usage of information systems, protection of intellectual property rights and compliance with import/export-related legislation.

(2) Relationships with Customers, Business Partners and Competitors

Provision of safe products, compliance with the Antimonopoly Law, appropriate trading, prevention of unfair competition and improved fairness in entertainment and gifts.

(3) Relationships with Shareholders and Investors

Disclosure of management information and prohibition on insider trading.

(4) Relationships with Government Agencies and Government Employees

Obtainment of proper authorization, submission of required notifications, prohibition on entertainment / gifts for government workers.

(5) Relationships with Employees

Respect for human rights, prohibition on discrimination, prevention of sexual harassment, protection of privacy, provision of safe and sanitary working conditions, compliance with all labor laws, compliance with working regulations, appropriate accounting and tax processing, appropriate usage of company assets and enforcement of confidentiality.